What's in the template

This template is a simple to use Figma file built using components and properties so you can customize, edit, or create custom org charts super fast. The file includes a couple of example org charts as well as all the components and styles necessary to build your own. The lines connecting all the cards can be drawn quickly using a free figma plugin called Autoflow. A link to this plugin is included in the template file.

Within the org card component you can:

  • Toggle the number of direct reports counter on or off
  • Choose between a profile images or Initials
  • Input the persons name
  • Input the persons title
  • Input number of direct reports

How to use

  1. Duplicate org card component as many times as needed
Org card component
  1. Set component properties
Figma UI to edit the component properties
  1. Use AutoFlow plugin to automatically draw the connection arrows
Figma plugin to automatically draw the org chart lines

Example Org Charts

a mock org chart including peoples profile pictures, name and job title
a mock org chart including peoples initials, name and job title

Get the template

Available in figma: Org Chart Cards